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Low Volt/Fire Alarms

Security & Surveillance

Protect your property and assets by installing a state-of-the-art surveillance system. This includes security cameras, passes, and monitoring software for your computer or phone.

Access Control and Gate Systems

Our access control systems or Door King gate solutions provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging.

We will install state-of-the-art access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility or property.

Structured and Low-volt Cabling

  • Hardwired Ethernet network cabling
  • Low-voltage cabling installation and configuration
  • Telephone and VoIP wiring
  • Audio and video cable and infrastructure installation

Fire Alarms


Your Full-Service, One-Stop Shop for Fire Alarm Installation, Design, Inspection, Maintenance & Repair in Georgia and Alabama.

Today’s fire alarm systems offer the highest level of protection in decades. Cutting edge technology has helped provide better, more efficient safeguards to alert you in the event of a fire. The only thing worse than experiencing a building fire is a building fire without a proper warning system.

A fire alarm and/or mass notification system is a quick-response method that alerts those in your building of the emergency situation so they can evacuate as quickly as possible. If your property is lacking a fire protection system, you’re putting the occupants’ lives at risk.

Whether you need to install an alarm system in your building or your current fire alarm needs to be inspected or repaired, give CCC a ring!

Fire Alarm System Services
At CCC our fire protection specialists have been installing fire alarm systems in commercial properties throughout Georgia and Alabama for more than three decades. We are a one-stop shop for all fire protection services, including fire alarm installation services for large buildings, multi-story structures, and critical care areas. We can install every component of your fire alarm system, including:

  • Smoke, CO, or Heat Detectors
  • Pull Stations
  • Horn Strobes
  • Water Flow Bells
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Annunciator Panels
  • Water Flow for Sprinkler Monitoring Packages
  • Tamper or PIV supervising
  • Duct Detectors with shutdown relays
  • Booster Panels
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Installation
When it comes to fire alarm systems, no project is too big or small. Our fire protection experts at Classic City Computing are capable of designing, installing, and programming a fire alarm system that will alert the occupants in your building or on your property. You can count on Classic City Computing to make the installation process simple and pain free from start to finish.

If you need fire alarm installation or replacement for your commercial property in Georgia or Alabama call our highly skilled team today!

Fire Alarm Inspection & Repair
At Classic City Computing, we value our customers’ well-being. With all of our fire protection services, we give 110% with every project to ensure that your building and occupants will experience minimal risk in the event of an emergency. A working fire alarm system is crucial to alerting occupants and evacuating everyone in a timely fashion. In order to guarantee your fire alarm system is functioning properly, the National Fire Protection Association recommends regular inspections.

When you call Classic City Computing for a fire alarm inspection our trained and experienced technicians will:

  • Test the control panel functions to inspect the lamps and LEDs, check fuses, interface equipment, and check the primary power.
  • Test smoke detectors by introducing approved aerosol into smoke detector chamber or specific manufacturer recommended methods of performing the proper test and verify the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.
  • Clean all smoke detectors with nitrogen.
  • Test manual pull stations through a full range of motion and verify the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.
  • Test heat detectors with a heat gun and verify proper alarm activation at the fire alarm control panel.
  • Test and inspect all audible and visual devices to ensure that they are unobstructed, proper lights activate, and the sound level is above ambient noise levels.
  • Random check of circuit supervision to ensure fire alarm panel detects an open circuit.
  • Load test stand-by batteries and check auxiliary functions such as door release and damper release.
  • And more!

Call Classic City Computing today to learn more about how you can benefit from our thorough fire alarm inspection process.

Low Voltage

Our voice-data-video (VDV) electricians, put simply, low voltage electricians are professionals who install, maintain and repair low voltage electrical systems. These include:

  • CCTV (closed circuit television) systems
  • Security and fire alarms
  • LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network)
  • Fiber optic networks
  • Telephone systems
  • Broadband internet
  • Cable and digital television
  • Landline telephones

The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines low voltage systems as those that run off of between zero and 49 volts, however, state and local jurisdictions may modify this definition.

We handle low voltage projects in the following settings:

  • Offices and businesses
  • Hospitals and schools
  • Industrial settings
  • Public services settings

Services we offer for low voltage projects:

  • Working with low voltage cable, conduit, and circuits
  • Pulling and terminating wiring cable, such as Cat 5E or 6
  • Trimming out security devices
  • Programming video surveillance equipment
  • Installing and wiring alarm panels
  • Working with coaxial cables, category rated cables, and fiber optics
  • Testing and adjusting connections to diagnose problems
  • Analyzing schematics, blueprints, and drawings of low voltage electronic systems
  • Installing j-hooks and ladder racks
  • WAP and card access system installations
  • Roughing in new installations
  • Installing alarm systems that include pull stations, strobes, horns, detectors, and exit signs
  • Dressing and terminating distribution frames

Nurse Call


We offer nurse call products and services that are designed to assist caregivers in a variety of healthcare settings: long term care, acute sub-acute care, surgery centers, rehabilitation, hospice, adult day services, assisted and independent living centers.

  • Wired and wireless solutions are available
  • Suppliers from Microvision, Vision Link, and TekTone

Whether your clinic is large or small, Classic City Computing can provide an inexpensive solution for your nurse call requirements. Using consoles that simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet and “hears” the fully supervised wireless signals from all stations and transmitter devices. Stations can be easily flush mounted in existing walls for a clean, finished appearance. When activated, the call station instantly signals nursing staff that help is needed.

Add in emergency pull stations in bathrooms, call cord stations at patient recliner or bed and push button staff call stations in exam rooms and code blue stations in procedure rooms. Pendant transmitters can “hang” from a bed rail or gurney or simply handed to the patient to signal when assistance is needed.

For additional annunciation, add corridor lights above the doors, duty stations, LCD monitors or wireless readerboards for staff notification. Or simply use pocket pagers or other device of your choice to receive alarm information from the nurse call system and, if desired, text messages from the console advising staff of calls on hold or patients waiting.

Timely Support

Support for our managed IT clients is important to us! We handle most requests the same day via on-site or remote support options.

Innovative Ideas

We like to think outside the box! If you have what you believe to be an unusual request, let us know! We may have exactly what your looking for!

Advanced Technology

Whether it's off-the-shelf or custom designed, we strive to use the most up-to-date modern solutions available!

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©2021 Classic City Computing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

©2021 Classic City Computing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.