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Our success – people we employ. Our team consists of some of the brightest and most passionate technicians in the industry. Take some time and read about them.

Danny is the CEO and founder of Classic City Computing, Inc. He attended the University of Georgia with a focus in Management of Information Systems. His presence in the IT field has ultimately stemmed from introductory computer classes he took in high school and religiously watching Tech TV. During his senior year in high school he passed his A+ Certifications and then started working at a large data center company in Atlanta GA. Not too long after entering the corporate world he made the very tough decision to move back to Athens GA so he could march in the UGA Redcoat Band and pursue a degree at the Terry College of Business at UGA. After being turned-down trying to gain employment at the local Geek Squad he incorporated his high-school dream of owning a computer business, aka, Classic City Computing. Fast forward a decade and CCC has grown into a leading IT service provider for clients throughout the US with specialties in fully managed technology services for medical, professional, environmental, and government organizations.

In addition to being a computer techie Danny has many other accolades and ambitions: he is an Eagle Scout, enjoys the outdoors, riding motorcycles, sports cars, boating, and training for USAT Ironman Races. He completed his first full Ironman race in September 2014. He is also a volunteer fireman at the Oconee County Fire Department serving as a Captain at Station 8 with several specialized certifications (NPQ I, NPQ II, GEMA Extrication, GA First Responder, and others). One of his highest goals in life is to always help others whether it is through technology or through running emergency calls.
Danny Myung, CEO

I joined the group at Classic City Computing in April 2014 with a background in advertising and business. My main contribution to the team involves processing work orders for billing and invoicing. I have a passionate interest in computers and truly enjoy working with people, which makes this the perfect fit for me.
Judy Bruning, Executive Assistant

I started tinkering with computers at a young age. I have been with Classic City Computing for about four years now and every day is rewarding. I am an Athens Technical College graduate with a degree as a Computer Support Specialist. When I am not providing IT support for customers during business hours I usually enjoy PC gaming, billiards, and the company of close friends. Give me the chance and I can build you an amazing custom computer to meet your needs as it is one of my passions. The world of computer technology is ever changing and there is always something new to experience and I am glad that I chose the IT field as my career path in life.
Ben Everett, Operations Manager

I have been working in the web development field for many years. Just found a new home here at Classic City Computing. My experience ranges from creating new sites using a responsive framework like Foundation and Bootstrap to developing themes for WordPress and Concrete5. Enjoy learning about and working with new technologies that enhance the web.
Kenneth Hayes, VP of Design & Development

I studied Computer Science at North Georgia University. I’ve always been fascinated with computers and general tech for as long as I can remember, but my interest in software development began as a child, when my father tought me how to write batch files in Windows. As a teenager, I became mesmerized with GNU/Linux. A few years later I received my CompTIA A+ certification. Today, my other interests include digital security, electronics, and graphic design.
Cheyne Hammett, Design & Development

I have always loved video games, but it wasn’t until 1996 that I got my first computer. Since that time, I developed an interest in computers and technology. After building several computers and fixing computer problems for myself, I decided to get an IT degree. I graduated from Athens Tech in 2014 with an Associates Degree in Network Administration. During my time as a student, I was an intern here at Classic City Computing. Going on two years now with the company. Other than video games, my hobbies also include fishing and basketball.
Gregg Hammond, ACMT, Level II Technician

For the last ten years I have been involve in multi-facet projects, from research and developmental engineering all the way to proof of concept. I am pleased to say that I have been involved with the implementation, revision, and full build phases of a lot of these projects. This allowed me to see the projects through to completion. This is been something that I believe has been monumental in my professional life. One year ago, I joined the team at Classic City Computing and can say that I have found a home here. Some of my hobbies are camping, hiking, flying, taking things apart, and general tinkering…..
Aaron Mize, Technical Services Manager

I’m excited to get my start in the IT industry. I’ve always loved playing with and fixing PCs, and I’ve always jumped at the chance to help friends and family with their computer needs. When people are in need I like to help them; that’s something that I can do here at Classic City Computing every day while pursuing my passion for computers and learning a lot along the way. Besides tinkering with software and hardware, I like to read, listen to and create music, play and collect retro and modern games/consoles and spend time with my wife and friends.
Gregory Phillips, Level I Technician

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